Not All Mexicans Here Are Illegal

Some experiences I heard about racism is that Donald Trump said that he was going to build a wall between California and Mexico to avoid all Mexican people because they are all illegal. When he said that it made me feel uncomfortable because I am a Mexican boy and too me it makes me think that if I am Mexican it means that I am illegal too. There’s one thing true and it is that not all Mexicans are illegal or you’re saying that your friend might be illegal if they are Mexicans. Some may be illegal but that doesn’t make everybody illegal.

Racism is Man Made

Racism is man made. Research says that race is something we thought was real because back then people would go to other people’s houses and categorize people on their looks. For example, If someone was Filipino and they had a tan that will be categorized as a Mexican and probably ended up away from their family members. There’s also something that proves that racism is not real, so first ask yourself if you get a tan every time you go too the pool or the beach? Well if you get a tan every time you go to the beach or the pool well people can say that you are one race and that’s it but you may not be that race. So you cant really quite tell if one person is this race or the other, unless you’re an expert. Also did you know that some Mexican immigrants don’t get served at least a cup of coffee just because the Mexicans can be illegal


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