I Am Not White Or Black


Black, White, Asian, or Pink with Purple polka dots – your skin color is not who you are. Do not obsess over the shade God painted you when you were born. Do not let history define you. Do not allow others to control your actions. Love, respect, kindness. Not hate and vengeance for past slights. We are not our ancestors. Not every white person is privileged, nor every black person oppressed. Racism can be found anywhere, perpetrated by any skin color, and will never go away. But individuals can rise above it. Follow your role models. Succeed in your life despite the naysayers. Overcome evil. Surround yourself with good people, regardless of their race. Do not self segregate yourself, but instead embrace diverse places, people, and experiences. You are not black. I am not white. We are all shades of brown. But most of all we are all human.

Don’t listen to those who push hate and division. But instead listen to your own conscience and work locally to make your immediate world a better place for yourself, your family, and your community.


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