I am not white, or caucasian!

Photo-on-7-9-15-at-8.13-AMHeather Sanchez,
Upper Lake, CA.

As the world gets more politically correct, I have turned to study my own roots, as a ‘white’ person. What I have found has debunked many of the world’s stereotypes for white or caucasian people. This makes me proud. Is that wrong? I find great pride in the troubles and suffering of my own people, and in their triumphs. No slave owners. No royal blood. Just hard working immigrants who hit the east, and continued west to the Pacific. Mechanics, soldiers, servants, pioneers, cooks. Humble origins. Not Nazi’s either. My German grandfather left prior to WWII to go to Argentina. Ordinary, right? And I’m not Caucasian. Not at all. English, German, Danish yes. Go back further, and you find the European tribes.

The Danes conquered the Brits, the Saxons conquered the Danes, and the Germanic tribes? Who can remember it all.
All I know is to say I am white is no more fair than to say a Native American is Indian. It takes away our rich history as people. It takes away our culture. All white is not the same. Is French language and culture the same as Swedish? Far from it. Yet they are all considered ‘white’. White is a color, not a race. To my children I give the gift of knowing really, truly, who they are. From their Mexican ancestors, to their European ones.

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  1. barry irving says:

    …it’s really interesting being an educator for over 4 and 1/2 decades. I hear you all adamant about your “White” Roots….I wonder if you realize that you are addressing a construct as your roots…a RACIAL, intellectual, genealogically based social / political construct. That’s what ‘White” is…and to proclaim that you “discovered” these fallacies about your struggling people…that’s flipp’in hilarious…really, no offense!

    …I apologize for the sarcasm, but really…do some research and just think…

    …if you had just said ( for instance ) “I turned to study my roots as a descent of Italian immigrants…I would have just given you a thumbs up! The difference between Italian and White is eons…Trust me you can do better unless you’re a bigot!

    • Truth says:

      I love this response. Not because I agree with it but because its offensive to a white woman who’s trying to prove to others shes not racist.

      Silly white woman. You can try to appease them as much as you want but theyll still hate you for the simple fact youre white.

    • UnoMGT says:

      She isn’t adamant about her “white” roots. The name of the post is “I am not white, or Caucasian”. She’s saying that she hates the label “white” because it takes away from her real heritage as a European with her German lineage. You totally missed the mark. Oh and nice job rejecting the idea that her people as immigrants struggled in the US, because it’s not like there was a massive amount of racism stacked against them or anything. Obviously your 4 1/2 decades being an educator didn’t do much for you, because your argument wasn’t coherent, and didn’t even correlate with the OP.

      • barry irving says:

        …as I said, White as a term and a created ethnicity is a
        social / political construct…not a Race. She is right in saying that she is not Caucasian, ( she ) understanding Caucasian to be another word for White…not true. Caucasian people are in India , Africa, Australia and New Zealand. It doesn’t mean White but instead, it refers to facial and body type.

        …I didn’t miss anything…she is saying that she is not something that does not exist as a Race or Racial Type. So why disassociate yourself with an ethnic fallacy?

        …you don’t relate to my understanding. I am used to these types of comments where all of a sudden I don’t understand anything and my language skills are invalid along with my professional life. Your opinion only weighs that much to you. To me, it’s just another Slight-ist who doesn’t agree.

    • alwaysright21 says:

      You’re a f@ggot n!gger c0cks&cker!

    • Imelda says:

      Don’t react sarcastically to someone else’s search for their identity. It shows poor taste. If you are a good teacher, you realise how much impact a person speaking with authority can have. I am a biracial european, and understand what this young lady is trying to tell us. By only concentrating on one nationality or one ‘race’, you are not grasping the vastness of cultural differences and history in Europe.
      She just realised how diverse her ancestry truly is, and you slam it down because ‘it cracks you up’. But no offense.

      • barry irving says:

        the “search for identity” is subjective in every way. Some are just not on track with the basics..there’s too much of that for my concerns…usually if there is an actual search there is a track = history…not stereo typed assumptions and preconceptions…not some misguided peer pressure.

        …there are many ways to look at ancestry. It can be 2 – 3 generations ( give or take ) back because those people are who define you culturally and spiritually now! Then there can be the long search if there are enough references and family connection.

        …I found out my true ancestry from my cousin who is the family historian…he and other cousins traveled to the Caribbean and W. Africa Speak to “living” relatives who told them the narrative. No paid for genealogical search can equal that…90+ year old women maintain and share that work as a part of everyday life.

        …I am Brown skinned, but technically I am mixed race too. I have very light skinned 1st relatives descending from both my grand parents who were children of mixed marriages 3 generations back…for us, that is the better part of 300 years. I can go back further, but then facts get more sparse. My education tells me that my people came ( before Trinidad and Tobago ) from West Africa in the Gold Coast area which includes Ghana…

        …I carry all of that history – both fact and educated reference according to historical documents that say that most African Americans Came from that area and through So. Western Nigeria, Congo, Togo and Old Dahomey – now Benin, W. Africa.

        …That Geographical reference is my personal cultural and Spiritual foundation – connected to family traits, language isms and cultural character. Further, the New World Yoruba are located world wide and centered in places like Brazil, Cuba, So. and Central America, Puerto Rico, Haiti and my home, New York City…our new world culture is different from Africa because we grew up here, so Culturally we are “African” / “Caribbean” / “American”…Africa – Ancestral home, Caribbean – Present Family base – New York – immigrant based home.

        …We decide this designation… societies opinion is irrelevant…we live our cultural ancestry through our character…that ( along with genetics ) is what makes us African, not some warped perception / projection that the American majority masses think that they can decide because of their own Institutional Indoctrination that every one has to realize is coming from centuries of Racial bias and Societal Fear!

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