I am not white, or caucasian!

Photo-on-7-9-15-at-8.13-AMHeather Sanchez,
Upper Lake, CA.

As the world gets more politically correct, I have turned to study my own roots, as a ‘white’ person. What I have found has debunked many of the world’s stereotypes for white or caucasian people. This makes me proud. Is that wrong? I find great pride in the troubles and suffering of my own people, and in their triumphs. No slave owners. No royal blood. Just hard working immigrants who hit the east, and continued west to the Pacific. Mechanics, soldiers, servants, pioneers, cooks. Humble origins. Not Nazi’s either. My German grandfather left prior to WWII to go to Argentina. Ordinary, right? And I’m not Caucasian. Not at all. English, German, Danish yes. Go back further, and you find the European tribes.

The Danes conquered the Brits, the Saxons conquered the Danes, and the Germanic tribes? Who can remember it all.
All I know is to say I am white is no more fair than to say a Native American is Indian. It takes away our rich history as people. It takes away our culture. All white is not the same. Is French language and culture the same as Swedish? Far from it. Yet they are all considered ‘white’. White is a color, not a race. To my children I give the gift of knowing really, truly, who they are. From their Mexican ancestors, to their European ones.


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