Not your basic blonde white girl.

Noel Schultz,
Mission Viejo, CA

For the race card project I chose the six words “Not your basic blonde white girl”. There are many stereotypes that fly around those who are Caucasian, females especially blondes. Some say that blonde white girls who live in Orange County are pretentious and privileged. Claiming that everything is naturally given to them because of their race. However, in my case, that is just the opposite. Yes, I am white, blonde and a female, however, I am everything but those basic stereotypes. Things have not been handed to me easily. Living in Orange County has been very difficult for my family. I grew up with just my mother and brother. When I was three years old my birth father decided to walk out of my family’s life. I have not seen him since. My mother has raised my brother and I alone. To help provide for my family I got my first job at 15 and a half working as a lifeguard. Now I’m 20, have two jobs, going to school full time, and still trying to contribute money to my family to help make ends meet. There’s been days where our water bill has been shut off or electricity, or we don’t have enough money for gas so my mom and I have had to collect water bottles and recycle. I didn’t go to school dances such as homecoming or prom because I didn’t have the extra fun money to go. I’ve had to say no to vacations with friends or going out because now I have to work in order to pay bills. Growing up in a single-parent home has really made me mature faster than others my age. I don’t have parents that can easily throw me money if I am in need. I pay for my own car, rent, gas, medical insurance, bills, etc. Yes, I’m a blonde white girl living in Orange County, but I’ve struggled for years growing up. Helping to provide for my family since age 15, I believe is anything but “basic”.


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