Obama, Holder, Sharpton made me racist!

Chuck Aston
Hedgesville, WV

I’m a university educated white male raised in a small New England town in the mid-50s. Races mingled in school and socially without friction. I served with black military personnel in the 60s and worked with and managed black personnel in the 70s without race issues. My attitude has sadly and profoundly changed since the first black president began destroying America, aided and abetted by his white-hating black Attorney General. Incessant hate mongering by black leaders like “the reverends” Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Jeremiah “God damn America” wright have made me apprehensive and uneasy around blacks. So does the rising incidence of violent black-on-white crime. I profile now for my own protection. It’s a shame but that’s life in today’s America.


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