Obstacle course meets me every day

Seattle, WA

I was raised in a white protestant homogenous family. From the time I was young, my curiosity led me to friends of other colors, races, personalities…anything new. In my 40’s I find myself with a Mexican husband, in a profession where I constantly learn and teach in a petri dish of races, languages and cultural differences. Behind it all, I feel fear that I will make a mistake, offend, hurt, or be hurt in these conversations…because it happens. It is worth the personal risk. My life is rich with travel experiences, culture, new ideas and growth. After years of growing through my fears, I have the ability to give and receive friendship and love wherever and in whatever race-package it comes. I am grateful not to be shut out of cultural communities for being white. I’m humbled by the capacity for forgiveness and acceptance by others who have been hurt by white privilege. At the same time, I benefit from it.


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