It’s okay to be black, Promise

a_LaFleurMaureen Shaw,
Durham, NC.

Thank you for doing this.
This is a photo of my mother’s family, this is the reason why I wrote it’s okay to be black. I look at it an feel so proud of this photo. We let ourselves believe we are a people are people with shattered history. I’ve discovered this not always the case and if so it’s not the end of the world.

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  1. barry irving says:

    ..WE ARE BENEFITTING FROM THE GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS MOVEMENT. iT IS IMPORTANT THAT WE MOVE AWAY FROM COLOR BASES RACE TERMS FOR OUR ETHNICITY. We are African Americans and that term is geographically and ethnically correct rather than color caste. Color ethnicity is a Myth and it shifts from time to time historically to fit it’s social aims!

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