One man. Indivisible. Black. Gay. American.

Alva Jones Jr.
Greensboro, NC

I’m a bit of a focal point of discrimination in this country. As a Black man I’m viewed as a threat. As a gay man I’m viewed as an abomination. These views have by no means been universal in my travels, but the reality of their existence is no less real. The recent revelation that same sex marriage opponents sought to drive a wedge between Black Americans and Gay Americans was baffling to me, as though one person could not be both. I am the sum of all my parts, and I am indivisible.

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2 Responses to "One man. Indivisible. Black. Gay. American."
  1. christopherallen says:

    This post made my day. thank you for sharing.

  2. escabrosa1 . says:

    So what we have in common is that we’re both Americans. How about we just go with that then? I once read an article where the Dalai Lama was asked how he got along so well with everyone, despite social and ethnic differences. He replied that he looks for what we have in common rather that what makes us different.

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