One sixteenth Irish, are you serious?

431891_10150616727050336_256387419_nRoberto Contreras.

I’m a redheaded Mexican-american. I self identify as Mexican, having grown up in Mexico, but whenever I say my heritage is Mexican the next question is always “Are you sure you are not half-spanish or something?”. No, parents are Mexican, grandparents are Mexican, so it’s interesting to see specific heritage being such a big deal. It gets especially ridiculous when people start mentioning they are 1/16th irish or 1/32th Native American, and then being identified as hispanic or latino. Latinos make up 90% of America’s population (America the continent, having to specify is a pet peeve of mine). So the latino moniker covers a million different cultures and skintones mixed into one lump. I think those categorized as Asian probably feel the same way.


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