Only whites can truly ignore racism

Bjorn Leslie Harlson
Seattle, WA

For the longest time I was not fully aware of my own privilege. I would be one of those crying “reverse racism” at things like affirmative action, or any other sort of law that identifies people by their race in anyway. After taking some classes in the matter and talking to some POC I’m friends with, I came to realize how much of a privilege it is to be able to be so unaware. I understand people who are ignorant of the realities or racism but I implore them to look outside themselves and read some of the experiences of people of color in America to try and better understand how whites are NOT oppressed by systemic racism, and how ignoring this reality or claiming otherwise is not constructive. To those trying to push the narrative that there is a bias against white folks in murder cases and somehow black on white crime is being ignored by the media. I implore you to watch local news, to check legal records and see the reality of the situation. In order to try and be part of the solution you must stop deluding yourself and acknowledge your own white privilege.


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