Oriental is a rug – I’m Asian!

Carina Cottner.

*Some people like to think all Asians are either Chinese or Japanese. I’m neither. I have also been called Oriental which is not a race. I remember playing softball (co-ed league) and being racially harassed by the other team (all white). They were saying things like “Oh boy – we are going kung-fu fighting!” when I was up at bat. This one game, I hit a double and when I got to 2nd base – the 2nd baseman slanted his eyes and made noises as if he was speaking Chinese (or any stereotypical Asian language). I replied back “I don’t know what you are saying because I’m Filipino.” The next time I was at bat – that 2nd baseman was pitching now and said more racial slurs at me. I didn’t reply back verbally – I just hit a line drive – straight at his chest! Not one of my best moments but I got 2 RBIs. =)


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