“Outnumbered” by other humans??? Perplexed, mystified!

Julie Murphy,
Plainfield, NJ.

I wrote this in response to the excellent article in Nat Geo. White people talk about feeling outnumbered by other races. How do they think people of color have felt for hundreds of years? 30 years ago I moved to a town that was predominantly black and sent my daughter to public schools where she was one of less than five white kids in her grade. I chose to live here because I thought it was better to live in a diverse community rather than an all white one. I chose to send my daughter to a school where she was a minority because I think all of us should experience that and learn to connect with people of all cultures and backgrounds. Our town has had a huge shift in demographics with the Hispanic population now being almost equal to the black population. Whites make up a very small part of the numbers. When whites talk about being out numbered, i am mystified because I chose to be outnumbered and love it. Why can’t people see others as humans who have much more in common than difference???


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