Pale faced; I must be guilty

Atlanta, GA

I am not responsible for the actions of people one hundred and fifty years ago who enslaved an entire race. The institution of slavery is a horrific part of American History, and it was a heinous crime against African Americans. Because of that institution, there is racism alive and around still and it makes me absolutely furious. But it is not my fault. When broad statements like “white people are all racists” are made, I get a bit frustrated because it’s just not true. I do not contribute to the problem [of racism] and believe that I am a good enough person to stand up if I were to witness a hate crime against any race in front of me. Just because I am white does not mean that I am prejudiced or racist. I want to help in any way I am able; I want to change people’s minds about their prejudices towards people who are different from them.


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