Perpetually stuck in limbo. Where’s home?

Kunrui Peng

I was born in Shanghai, China and moved to New Orleans, LA when I was just 3 years. By that point, my parents had spent the first 30+ years of their lives in China, and to this day we speak primarily Mandarin at home. “How do you actually pronounce your name?” In Chinese it’s pronounced ___, but that really only feels right coming from my parents. I Americanized the pronunciation in first grade because all my teachers struggled with it, and at Chick-fil-A I go by Kevin to prevent slowing down the line. “Where are you from?” I’m currently living in D.C., but New Orleans feels most like home to me, having growing up with cajun food, classical and jazz music, and festivals every weekend. “Do you ever want to go back to China?” Strangely enough, I’m more excited about France and eastern Canada after studying French throughout middle and high school. “Which culture do you identify with the most?” Well…


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