The Pinoy Debate: Asian? Pacific Islander?

10302305_782386708447404_8056306760483964074_nVince Domingo,
Fresno, CA.

I’m proud to be Filipino. And I’m also proud to be an Asian Filipino. No, not a “Pacific Islander Filipino”, whenever you see them, avoid them as much as you can, they’re terrible people. They hate puppies. Okay, okay, I jest. They are just misunderstood.

This is not even a geographical debate, but a social one at best. Some Filipinos feel like they have the superpower of turning off the Asian switch to turn on the Pacific Islander switch when the teasing begins. It is understandable, after all, Asians are generally depicted as the frail submissive nerds (for both genders). Never mind the FACT that we ALL TIGER FIST MOSQUITO KUNG FU!!! But as stated earlier, it is understandable, but it needs to stop. We’re Asian, we get made fun of a lot, but Take pride, stand your ground like Lapu-Lapu did against Magellan. But leave your Kampilan (Filipino sword) at home, please. Take the insults with a smile, and be witty about it. Now THAT’S Pinoy.


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