Please stop trying to justify racism.

Harper Grey,
Philadelphia, PA

I see too many white people saying being white makes them a scapegoat, and complaining that everyone calls them racist “just for speaking the truth”… all while publicly espousing racist views & white-supremacist opinions that are as far from “truth” as it gets. Almost without exception, these are white conservatives.

I’m white, and nobody has ever called me a racist. If you’re finding that word to be used toward you on a regular basis, maybe you should seriously consider your behaviour. If you use discriminatory language, make public internet posts promoting racial stereotypes, or belong to groups that are openly white supremacist, then perhaps *that might be what’s making others think you’re racist.*

Stop being intellectually lazy. Stop blaming everything on minorities & “liberals.” Take a look at your own actions. Take responsibility for your deeds & words. Act like a functioning member of society, or you just might be left out of it.


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