Police harassed undercover cop wearing hoodie.


I’d rather not share my name right now due to the sensitive nature of the incident. While working undercover, I decided to duck into a burger joint to get a bite. It was cold and drizzly outside. I was wearing a hoodie. I am Latino. It was about midnight. I admit that I looked rough in a rough neighborhood, but I wasn’t breaking any laws. As I was ordering, a large white cop approached me and told me to take off my hood. I asked him why and he said “because I said so”. I didn’t think he was serious and I tried to ignore him until he demanded that I take off my hood. I told him no. He grabbed my arm and attempted an arm lock on me to facilitate hand cuffing. He said that he would arrest me. I gave in. I was hungry, after all. I told him ok, and I took off my hoodie. He won. He went back and sat down with a colleague of his.

After I ordered, I walked over to him and sat down with him and the other cop. I gave him a piece of my mind as I tossed my badge on the table in front of him. They said that I should have told them I was a cop and they wouldn’t have treated me like that. I said “so you wouldn’t have violated my civil rights if you knew I was a cop?” They were speechless.

“You’re the reason people hate cops” I said to them.


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