“Preference: I don’t date black guys.”

Natick, MA

We must remember that a proclamation of “preference” still hurts. I am a 17 yr. old African American boy. I am also a member of the lower-middle class. Lastly to make matters “worse” I am homosexual. In today’s society this draws me victim to most social stigmas that can be associated with these traits. Luckily enough I go to a performing arts boarding school, which sort of eliminates negative response to my sexual orientation. However just because they accept me does not mean that anyone would choose me as they’re “preference”. The words heard echoing the dining hall as it relates to dating are most likely “I’m not racist. I just generally would not want to date a black guy.” Now close your eyes and imagine 11 years of going to private&public schools where you are ALWAYS the minority. It’s bad enough that you have a very small selection of students to identify with, but now you must deal with the rejection of your race in popular theme of dating amongst teenagers. At such a young, influential age these repeated messages can reinforce self hate that is already alive and thriving in the hearts of unappreciated minorities. But then again who can blame them, because social media is constantly presenting what “American society” values as “beauty”. You can survey the majority of Abercrombie & fitches, American eagles, hollisters, etc. I assure you that you will find tall, blonde boys and girls to be trending. Give us a chance!


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