Privilege of being disabled, poor, white

Jane Morris,

I have light skin but that doesn’t mean I am immune to struggle, prejudice or difficulty. So many of the social advantages that the current woke culture attributes to whiteness are the advantages of being middle-class and higher. White-skinned working and underclass people can be barred just as surely from social mobility and freedom as racial minorities, only our culture blames them for their position. Middle and upper middle-class racial minorities can and do have it easier than all people from lower-class backgrounds. If I could prove the drop of aboriginal blood in my family history that is undoubtedly there, I could use it to access work and study programs that could lift me out of the situation I find myself in due to disability, unemployment and generational poverty, but our culture doesn’t believe I deserve that help because I’m a white girl. I have family members who can prove aboriginality and have accessed help that has seen them shoot ahead of me. They are no darker, more oppressed or more deserving than I am, but they do have the certificate or aboriginality that gives them privileges that I do not enjoy. I am not free to express these frustrations because if I do, it is just another opportunity for the woke middle and upper classes to exert their power over me. When you call me racist for saying this, you are saying that to be white and poor and underprivileged is to deserve your lot.


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