Privilege, Stereotype’s, Socialism, Classism, Acceptability, Strife

Marvin Lucas,
Deerfield Beach, FL

From My experiences, perspectives, objectives, hopes, and dreams. There’s a variation with each individual, groups, and cultures. And yet My objective is to reach a pinnacle of being human which transcends beyond race. However, realistically on a society as a whole that’s almost virtually impossible because every individual come with their own ideations, experience, and aspirations on race. Culturally I’ve explored humans with an opened mind, or at least my intentions were set to these experiences. Yet some individual/s within various Rave’s are unwelcoming for these kind of explorations on different levels of conception. Even within My Own Race & Culture there’s Classism, Racism, and Social Structuring.

My aim, and cause is to connect with people. Have difference’s amoung ourselves, and yet respect for eachother in order to remain opened to the ideal of the obvious factor that we’re all humans despite Race.


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