Privileged, What exactly does that MEAN?!?

Janet Davis,
Huntsville, AL.

I live in the South where we have always had a larger black population as long as I can remember & we have always gotten along. It’s insulting when I see so many people talking about the Southern states being such a hotbed of racists. No place is perfect, but I doubt the South is worse than other places I’ve seen. And stop saying reverse racism doesn’t exist, it does. I have redhair and am very pale, I lost track of the # of times black students in my high school classes, would sing-song in front of the other students mind you & aimed at me exclusively because I was so pale the following rhyme:

Black is beautiful,
Brown is tan,
Your white skin is ugly like the Klu Klux Klan.

No one has a right to torment others because of the roll of the hereditary dice. No matter what another white person has done to you, you have no right to take it out on every white person you see. That makes about as much sense as a white person taking out their prejudice on all blacks they see. I was a shy, quiet student who kept to myself & I was taunted & teased because of something I had no control over, my skin color. Because I’m white, it’s considered justice. If I were black, people would be angry.

It’s a distinction that few are willing to recognize or understand & immediately dismiss. To many, Black People attacking white people is justice, despite the fact that the white person being attacked likely has a 0% chance of having ANYTHING to do with what they’re angry about.

If we are going to discuss race, it helps if we are being honest with ourselves. The saying, “ Two wrongs don’t make a right?” Why doesn’t it apply here? I’m tired of being accused of things because of something I had nothing to do with, my skin color. I also have a son & as he is a white male, he is public enemy #1, for no other reason than the fact that he is white & male. The fact that this is an acceptable train of thought by a lot of white, feminist Americans is really sad to me. They want my son to fail for those 2 reasons, both being things he couldn’t control.


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