Be Proud Of Your Family Heritage

537544_10200149419768199_852878281_nKatrina V. Cromwell,
Pearl Harbor, HI.

My father is Hispanic and White and my mother is Black. They met in high school and they have been married for 28 years. I knew nothing about racism until my father sat me down as a kid and told me about things that my parents went through in high school and the first few years of their marriage. When it comes to love, support and understanding, an interracial family is no different than a all White family, all Hispanic family or all Black family. Being from an interracial family and being able to experience so many different traditions and be apart of more than one heritage is something that I take great pride in. Being a military kid and now being in the military myself, being in such a diverse Armed Service is truly rewarding. If people look past the skin color of a person or the stereotypes that society or the media put on us, they would be surprised with how much they have in common with someone standing right next to them. 🙂


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