David Reising,
Peoria, IL

My first wife and I adopted 2 bi-racial boys in ’69, a girl in 71 and another girl in ’74, Had a biological boy in ’79 and a biological girl in ’84. Lived a nice quiet life until the boys started school, and quickly learned that the primarily white school wasn’t ready for an infusion of children of color. So, we moved to a more diverse neighborhood and new schools. About 6 years, life was good. Then, as the girls got into the pre-teen years, we found that they were never invited to share in birthday events with their classmates. So, we changed schools. It was a very good decision for the girls. Their classrooms were very diverse and life got back to “normal” so to speak.
As the children grew, matured, and entered into their adult lives, and started having our grandchildren, we were overjoyed.
In 2004, my first wife passed away from a heart condition. In 2008, I remarried and my present wife has embraced all my children and grandchildren with open arms and cares for them deeply.
We are now both in our 70’s and can look back and the journey we both were on and consider ourselves especially blessed by the love we feel in the family and have frequent gatherings to share the events of all members of the group.
D. Reising.


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