Proud Not ashamed to be white

Kenny Readnour,
Cordova, KY

Where I’m from whites are NOT racist but are getting very tired of the majority of the (people of color) being just if not more racist than the KKK which I Hate ! If the VERY racist people of color would blame individuals that has done or said the horrific racist acts instead of blaming a ENTIRE innocent race for what evil individuals have done, the racist creation would slow greatly. Me personally I’ve seen many many whites take up for many races in need but all the other races combined I might have seen 5 people of color take up for a white person. So I hate to say it but people of color are bully forcing whites to hate the people that hate them for ZERO reasons. The devil is winning ! All is and should be equal, hate is winning in every race. That’s a shame…ME I will love all in every race and I absolutely love my WHITE self. Hate any race and being a follower of popular hate SHAME ON YOU ! YOU ALL NEED JESUS !


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