I Am Proud to be White.


I have absolutely no problems with the different kinds of cultures that are now migrating into Canada and the Americas. I think hearing stories and traditions from friends and strangers about their cultures, religions and ethnical backgrounds is intriguing, and makes the world a much more exciting complex place.
HOWEVER. What I don’t like is that I now feel like a minority in my own country. I can’t do or say anything without being glared at or called racist. I am so tired of peoples backwards ideas on what racism means. I’m all for equality, and I think that everyone, regardless of colour or religion, should be given equal opportunities. But unfortunately, that is not the case these days. It’s alright for a Filipino or a Black to talk down to a White-man, but as soon as the White-man says the same back, it’s racist. It’s not fair.
I’m not prejudice, I’m just trying to be politically correct, and am tired of being punished for it…


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