Race Baiters Are Destroying Our Country

love_thy_neighborKimberlee Collins,
Gulf Shores, AL.

We as a nation of individuals need to be supportive of one another. Each of us are unique and yet we are all the same, we all have feelings and are proud of our heritages. To hear community leaders instigating racial unrest, is not only unethical but destroying the bonds that we should be developing. People should be helping each other not becoming more distant and mistrustful of each other. To be in a position of power and to misuse it to cause unrest, should be clearly seen not blindly followed. Can you honestly say that all people of a certain race are bad? If the answer to this is yes, then you are without a doubt racist. There are good and bad people in every race, but to judge all by the actions of some clearly is flawed reasoning. Critical thinking needs to be implemented to examine all the good you can find in each individual, not classify them because of their race. To all the race baiters out there, just think what your words could do to unify, if used for peace and unification of our country and world. So remember this when you hear someone calling you to act unjustly.
Be Blessed all, and remember Jesus said to “Love thy neighbor”, (not just the ones you want to love, ALL of them)


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