Race is a confusing subject man

Orlando, FL

p>Disclaimer the person in the photo is not I but someone who looks like me.

My ancestry is Berber Kabyle (North African), Turk (Eurasian aka European and west Asian) and French( Western European). I look mediterranean light olive skin, brown wavy hair, big brown almond eyes, thick eyebrows, long lashes, long head, Mediterranean nose, full but not big lips, high cheek bones, oval face.
My nationality is American I was born and raised in the states my parents came here in their late 20s early 30s my dad loved traveling and came to America because it was so popular my mom came here following my dad.

Growing up I never faced any discrimination Except from people of color they always made it clear to me that I wasn’t one of them that my skin was too light and I looked white it made me hate my skin my features and my hair. I thought North Africans and Turks could be people of color but when I got older and did research I realized that Europeans, North Africans, and Middle Eastern people are labeled white legally on the census and college application. I didn’t want to identify as white because all of the bad things associated with it enslavement of people, colonization, racism, etc I used to hate when someone called me white but I grew to learn that being white is okay and interesting and fun like any other race so sometimes I would come across people who would label me white sometimes They wouldn’t and say that I am MENA or WANA and white I however check white on paper work since the us census labels my ancestry as such but I identify with being Berber, turk, and French and if I’m asked for my race I say mediterranean. However ever since the concept of race started Europeans labeled North Africans and middle eastern as caucasoid or Mediterranean etc so I wasn’t surprised when the use census had us under white.
My nationality is American
My ethnicity is Kabyle, Turk, and French
My race according to the us census is white and I usually tell people Mediterranean in person because I don’t fit the Nordic look.


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