Race is a weaponized social construct

Loretta McGregor,
Jonesboro, AR

I’m a psychology professor. I teach students that race is a social construct created by men. This social construct is often used to sort, oppress and control others who are seen as less (e.g., intelligent, human, desirable, etc.) or those who threaten the status quo.

Side note: I routinely listened to Ms. Norris on Morning Edition. One morning, as I drove my then three-year-old to daycare, he suddenly asked, “Mom, who’s your favorite NPR correspondent.” (No lie, those were his exact words. He was very precocious). I was startled by the unexpected question and simple mumbled, “ Hum, I’m not sure.” I then asked him, who’s your favorite correspondent?” Without hesitation, he replied Michele Norris. I asked why and he said “I like her voice. She sounds nice.” That was 21 years ago. He’s still a huge NPR fan and has now introduced his son to NPR. This story along, with the one about him humming the theme song to Morning Edition while riding in his car seat, has become a legend in our house. 😊


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