Race matters I wish it didn’t.

Northeast-20130426-00390Vicki Meek,
Dallas, TX.

As a child of civil/human rights activists, I’ve spent my life fighting for social justice. I must admit, I never expected to see an African American head our country and was elated when President Obama won the 2008 Presidential election. But I am a realist and so I knew this supposed sign that America had gotten past race being a critical issue was really going to unleash the unspoken racial problems that America had swept under the rug post civil rights era; and indeed it did. Racism is back on the table in a very big way with the internet aiding and abetting in its health and welfare. We see evidence of its presence with every and any post that involves a discussion of people of color. I wish race didn’t matter but the reality is when you live in a country where race never gets an honest dialogue, it will always matter. I am 63, my children are 28 and 31. Neither have produced children yet but maybe by the time they do, those grandchildren will live in an America where the only reason race will matter is to celebrate difference and not condemn it.

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2 Responses to "Race matters I wish it didn’t."
  1. Egypt Bracey says:

    Thank you! I agree with you and think it shouldn’t matter either because everybody is human and people need to stop being racist towards others and pay attention to more important things.

    • Stacy Lucking says:

      You didn’t read what she wrote. She said if we don’t talk about it, we can’t fix it. It is an important thing. It affects people’s lives and it can be a great source of stress for some.

      Maybe it’s not important to you because you haven’t been targeted hard enough. But don’t try to minimize something because you don’t feel it.

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