Race: no reason to be afraid.

Sam Kadish,
Newton, MA.

Race is incredibly important to our history. It should be a sidebar in our future. America is the great melting pot; too many people have stopped being proud of that. Race should add color to life; it should add life to culture. America will eventually fail if race remains the first way we judge others. The reality we live in, need not be the reality for our grandchildren. Our personalities, charity, economic realities, heritage and abilities should define us, not the color of our skin. We should be able to joke about each other’s races without fearing deep insult. If brown people have taken over half the businesses on Main Street, it should be an observation: I’m sad that bob’s barbershop is gone but you are happy about the great burrito joint next door. It need not make any body nervous that more names on this years baseball cards are latino. We are changing; get over it.


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