Race? Right now in the drive-way?

Durham, NH

A race is like a competition to see who is the fastest?

When I was young I saw a man look at another man he viewed inferior to him, so he challenged that man. He said “If I lose, I leave; if I win, you leave and never do I ever again have to see your face” –except he knew he’d already won without taking a single step outside. The house he stood in quietly cheered for him, despite loudly vocalizing that they were “rooting for the other man.”
It will never be forgotten, despite all the un-nuanced words traded around about the incident that happened. A “race,” a “challenge,” a “threat,” just some things that were said. It wasn’t much worse than those who sat back and invented new events to describe both the men instead.
So, in the end, the first man won without a real race. He was invited back and the second man was never seen again.


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