Race segregates ignorance and quasi-perfection

FamiliaMelvin Jones,
San Francisco, CA.

One would think that California is a progressive state that seldom harbors racism. Unfortunately that is just a heartbreaking fallacy. The reality of the status quo, is that the Golden State is riddled with a plethora of “undercover racist” who abuse, deny, intimidate, African-Americans and Latinos.

To misfortune, or fortune, I am what the “undercover racists” seek as target to relieve themselves of their mishaps, angers, misfortunes, or whatever the case it maybe. One thing that is readily use in human kind, is to “judge the book by its cover” and that adage is more prevalent in the USA: The darker the cover, the less educated, and crime-bound individual; while the lighter the color of the cover, the more opportunities in the land of the free.

I personally know a bevy of well educated African-Americans, and Latinos (myself being one, who posses a Masters of Science in Taxation), who are better qualified compared to their caucasian counterparts. But cannot secure equal employment as their much lighter skinned counterparts, due to the darker pigmentation of their skin. The pigmentation of the largest organ in the human body, seems to be the rude of all equality evils.

I have heard the following saying, throughout California: “White people stick with each other, no matter how wrong they are. In their eyes, their issue can be remedied, but if you were black? You are deemed a criminal”

I am doing my very best so that my wife and my son (Wife half filipino- half Israeli) do not endure the same treatment is have endure in the Golden State!


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