Race is a story we tell

188869_10200405683241704_1635270126_nCharles McCoy,
Los Gatos, CA.

I grew up being steeped in the folklore of Irish and Italian cultural heritage, thinking I was “half Irish”and “half Italian” and listening to my grandmother crowing about only being Toscana and speaking Toscana ( the received Italian dialect). As I did my DNA testing, I discovered that I am genetically more Scots than Irish and on my mother’s side, which we were taught was 100% Italian, it turns out that I share a “perfect match”on my mtdna with a professor at King Saud University amongst other middle-eastern cousins who are Palestinian, Lebanase, Armenian, Turkish, French, etc. I think you get the picture. . .that is why I say “race”is a story we tell our children and our children’s children and somewhere along the way, these stories become fact for our “cultural”and racial identities. Turns out, the whole world is one big family!


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