Racism definitely exists for a reason


I am sick to death of people trying to pretend like there aren’t legitimate reasons for racism. Not always, but they are there. I was raised not to be racist and people say racism is a learned behavior…yeah…I learned it myself from being around blacks. Black people can’t see it like everyone else because they’ve been raised that way their entire life so it’s completely normal and acceptable behavior to them that they cannot see objectively. To them it’s normal to be loud, obnoxious, confrontational, and inconsiderate. I know this is not all blacks but through countless personal experiences in several different areas/states/locations/situations I would argue that it’s most of them….especially when they’re around other blacks.

I have seen, numerous times, black people act like normal everyday regular people until another black person walks up and they suddenly turn into something completely different, their mannerisms, speech, accent, body language….everything changes….they go from being a black person to a n***** in 2 seconds….wtf?!? This is a trait only significant to black americans. I’ve had every other race (including African) of friends and never witnessed this with them but have with every single African-American I know.

Which leads me to another point….Your parents were born here? You were born here? You’re American!! Just because youre black doesn’t always mean you came from Africa anyway. Black people do exist on other continents you know? Dave Matthews is African American and he’s white.

Anyway here’s an example: I was in a gas station a few weeks ago here in Columbus it was around lunch time so there was a long line at the counter comprised of whites, Mexicans, Asians, Indians, and Somalians. The place is pretty quiet as people are patiently waiting in line…..

In walks 3 black people. Immediately start being loud and obnoxious, drawing attention to themselves, yelling at each other and cackling at the top of their lungs. Two of them start cussing each other out over what kind of pop to get and making absolutely sure they’re doing it loud enough for everyone to hear. Then when they get in line they all immediately start yelling and complaining to the clerks to hurry up, and loudly talking about how they’re stupid and should hire people who know how to do their job and blah blah blah….Nobody else in line was complaining at all understanding that sometimes places get busy and things might take longer than usual…not these black guys though.

Want another?? My step-mother’s Daughter-in law was raised in farmland Ohio around nothing but white people her whole life. I grew up on the south side of Chicago before moving here around the age of 16. She would always argue with me that racism was BS and black people were just the same as white people…etc.

She moves to Charlotte NC, gets a job as a waitress. Within only one month she’s been spit on, cussed out several times, and almost physically assaulted (all separate incidents) by the black clientele. Treated with respect by every other race. So after like almost 40 years of preaching anti-racism–she became a full blown racist in a matter of weeks NOT because of white people she LEARENED to be racist from blacks.


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