Racism is an ego-based human dysfuntion

20140625_1143152James E Washington,
Rochester, NY.

The ego thrives on identification and separation. We seems to be a nation that thrives on dualism, having an “other” a “they or them” as a means to distinguish ourselves from. White, Black; Rich, Poor: Republican, Democrat; Christian, Jewish; Fat, Skinny; on and on. The problem appears to be “ego run-a-muck.” We see it at the very highest levels of society in a divided government That division trickles down to the community level and further. We are a nation divided in so many ways that racism seems to be just a part of the larger systemic dysfunction. Racism will be undone when we elevate our level of consciousness. undergo an “apotheosis” thus minimizing the ubiquitous ego-driven dysfunction that now permeates society.

I’m optimistic that our society will be transformed. But I also understand that before the transformation can take root we will experience deeper levels of dysfunction. Hit bottom!! I’ve undergone the very type of transformation of which I speak.

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2 Responses to "Racism is an ego-based human dysfuntion"
  1. barry irving says:

    …how many eons do we have dude?…if you can’t get a little more specific and insightful, then we’re sunk if you discovered the real question, because you’re not giving out many clues regarding the hard work that has to be done!

  2. tony says:

    i agree,

    i believe that racism, sexism, all of the “detrimental to humanity” “isms” are simply a result of a massive dysfunctional identification with the ego that plagues humanity.

    all of these problems could vanish in an instant, in a snap of a finger, i believe, if we all went through some kind of massive ego death. if we all, metaphorically or figuratively, im not sure which, just realized that we are not the characters in which we are playing as, but the “thing” (consciousness, imo) “controlling” these characters.

    “Self-improvement is masturbation. Now self-destruction is the answer.” – tyler durden

    i consider myself a more peaceful version of tyler durden, (without ego, of course, i believe everyone thinks tyler is so cool) as tyler seems to be more bitter and angry than i believe one should be. no condescension, of course.

    just my opinion, though.

    awesome article, imo, by the way, my friend.

    hope you have a good life.

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