Racism is an ego-based human dysfuntion

20140625_1143152James E Washington,
Rochester, NY.

The ego thrives on identification and separation. We seems to be a nation that thrives on dualism, having an “other” a “they or them” as a means to distinguish ourselves from. White, Black; Rich, Poor: Republican, Democrat; Christian, Jewish; Fat, Skinny; on and on. The problem appears to be “ego run-a-muck.” We see it at the very highest levels of society in a divided government That division trickles down to the community level and further. We are a nation divided in so many ways that racism seems to be just a part of the larger systemic dysfunction. Racism will be undone when we elevate our level of consciousness. undergo an “apotheosis” thus minimizing the ubiquitous ego-driven dysfunction that now permeates society.

I’m optimistic that our society will be transformed. But I also understand that before the transformation can take root we will experience deeper levels of dysfunction. Hit bottom!! I’ve undergone the very type of transformation of which I speak.


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