Racism: prejudging ANYONE based on race.

Arvada, CO.

I was raised in a military town with such overwhelming diversity that I didn’t realize race was an issue until I was 12 and went into foster care. Suddenly I was surrounded by a predominantly African-American group that hated me because I was white.

Now let me be clear I didn’t assume they hated me because I was white, they told me that often as they beat me event to the point of being hospitalized.

Now I wasn’t around before the civil rights movement and I certainly wasn’t around for slavery. In fact my ancestors weren’t even in this country when it happened but I was here for the beatings that I grew up with day in and day out and that is racism.

Now I run a small business that is entirely virtual, I have a team of people who work for me that I have NEVER met. Your race isn’t on our applications and I NEVER ask because… I don’t care. And yet over the years I have been accused of racism for not hiring a specific person even though I would have NO WAY OF KNOWING THEIR RACE.

I run a VERY diverse company and live a diverse life. My best friends represent the best of America and all she has to offer from every walk of life creed and color. It’s time to stop kidding yourself people racism is colorblind and hating white people makes you a racist too.


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