Racism: SERIOUS, sometimes curable mental disease

Long Branch, NJ.
Monmouth University

In my opinion, racism is a Serious sometimes curable mental disease. I believe like many diseases, if caught early, it can be cured. Unfortunately, many times the disease remains dormant throughout life or suppressed by the perspectives of society manifesting itself only behind closed doors. The disease continues to progress with age to advanced stages that makes curing highly unlikely. Advanced stages have been recognized in younger generations which I suspect have had intense chronic exposure. In addition, victims of the disease sometimes suffer acute and severe attacks triggered by radical rhetoric which usually results in acts of violence. Many times horrific.

As mentioned, the good news is that, like many diseases, not only can it be cured if caught early, it can be totally prevented! You see, the way a parent eats, will likely dictate the way their child eats. The same can be said by the way a parent works, studies, cares, socializes, their values and principles, and how they see race. Their attitudes towards life will ultimately affect their child’s life. Parents need to learn how to effectively influence their children so they can grow to be healthy individuals both mentally and physically. If you don’t do it, someone else will step in and do it for you. Prevention begins at home.


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