Racism against whites doesn’t exist, right?

Keira Glover,

I was sat on the train yesterday reading Tolkiens ‘Lord of the Rings’ when a black woman sat down next to me, she kept leaning over my shoulder so I assumed she was a fan and that she was reading along, I even slowed my pace to give her more time to read and this went on for a good five minutes before she said “It’s full of white people” I asked what she meant and she went on to explain she’d read the book in university and that the cast of characters are majority white.
I didn’t argue because it’s true, I just didn’t understand why she’d made the comment so I asked her to elaborate.
She got angry with me, told me I must be racist (I have no idea why she thought that, I’m still very confused as to why she got angry) and that “whitey’s would either learn to accept they are below people of colour or we’d need to go” the guy across from me immediately called her out for being racist to which she replied ‘reverse racism doesn’t exist’ I agreed (in my opinion ‘reverse racism’ is a ridiculous term that makes zero sense) and then I explained the definition of racism and told her she was being (by definition) racist.

She spent a good 10 minutes explaining how ‘people of colour’ can’t be racist and then she started to tell everyone on the train I called her a ‘ni**er whore’ (I didn’t) and then she called me ‘mayonnaise without the good stuff’
A thing to note here is that she was American, I myself am British and have never met a black British person with such an extreme view of white people.
I’ve seen this kind of thing on the Internet but never experienced it first hand, and that’s why I’m writing this.
How many people believe this? Do people genuinely believe white people can’t face racism, because I thought it was something people said if they where ‘trolling’


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