Racist verdicts exist; not this one.

Ken Hutchison

Martin felt disrespected, indignant, and incensed that somebody was following him. He saw that the follower was overweight and flabby, so he did not feel threatened. He was an athlete who was skilled at martial arts, and he did not like being disrespected. He knew that he could beat up the follower and wanted to teach him a lesson about disrespecting him. He turned around, went back, and indignantly confronted Zimmerman. Instead of meekly slinking away, Zimmerman (who knew that there had been burglaries and other crimes in the area and who hoped to prevent more) stood up for himself and demanded to know why Martin was walking behind houses, as if he were casing them for a burglary. That enraged Martin, who attacked Zimmerman, knocked him down, sat on him, punched him repeatedly, and banged his head against the concrete over and over, causing his head to bleed. Zimmerman was too weak to fight back with his hands or fists, so he screamed for help. There was nobody who could help him, so reached for his pistol, which he had not drawn or shown until then. If he had not had a weapon that was powerful enough to stop his attacker he would be dead or brain-damaged now. I support strict gun control, but Zimmerman would probably be dead now if he had not had a pistol or something like a stun gun. This was such an obvious, open-and shut case that there never should have been a trial. Since there undoubtedly are cases in which an attacker is wrongfully acquitted, people who want justice should direct their anger to those cases.


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