Raised in segregated north, I’m racist.

Bird-DeYoung-KathyRev. Kathy Bird DeYoung,
Aurora, CO.

I was raised in metro Detroit in one of the white northern suburbs. Now I live in the most integrated city in the nation, Aurora, Colorado. My city of origin is more integrated now, thankfully. But, I still wouldn’t want to return. I’m frustrated by this new ethic where no one claims to be racist. I was at a meeting recently where someone said, “I’m not racist, but…” The BUT means that he IS racist. It’s better for all of us to admit that we ARE racist and begin to talk about it!

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4 Responses to "Raised in segregated north, I’m racist."
  1. Truth says:

    I dont think you even know what racism is. Im guessing you probably believe what ever black people tell you to believe. You realize black people hate white people right? That means they hate YOU. You think that people that hate you are looking out for your best interest? Black people arnt interested in right and wrong when it comes to racism, theyre interested in getting back at whitey.

  2. This is Canada says:

    I’m with Truth, Kathy. For the most part, blacks don’t like you. A certain amount of racism is needed for a people to survive. White people are the least racist people in the world, and we’re declining as a result of it. When do you ever hear about Chinese people doing humanitarian work in Africa? You don’t, because they don’t care about Africa. Only white people care. We give money to Africa before we give money to people of our own race. We have to stop this. Be racist. Being racist doesn’t necessarily mean you go out and attack other races. It just means you look out for yourself and your people first. Being racist means you accept that other races will do the same. There’s doesn’t have to be hate involved unless another race is attacking you or trying to dominate you, and then you should acquire some hate. It’s survival.

  3. Freshmen in College says:

    Honestly, I think everyone is a little racist when it comes to certain things, even if they don’t realize it or not. No matter how much someone of one race may get a long with someone of another race, I’m sure they have moments when they have racist thoughts. Reading This is Canada post, I find it shocking that you think that white people are the least racist people in the world. Yet it was white people who killed thousands and thousands of Backs during the slavery time period. It was whites who killed off and ran off the NATIVE Americans because they wanted the land and for some reason thought they should just take it. It was white people who killed off thousands of Blacks again during the segregation time period. It was white people who killed off thousands of Jews, gays, handicapped people, and others because they didn’t look how they wanted them too. It was white people who went to Africa and took innocent people from their homes because they were too lazy too take care of themselves and build things by themselves. It was white people who thought it was ok to separate all the Asians living in America because they thought they would bring them harm. It was white people who thought. So honestly I don’t see how “white people” are the least racist people in the world. Now me personally I don’t hate white people, yet from the things they put people through in the past, there are plenty reasons for me too hate them. But I don’t because it is a different time period and a large portion of the whites today were not a live during that time and don’t have nothing to do with it so why should I hate them. But no matter what wither people realize or not everyone is a little racist. For example this white woman that was on this TV show claims she is not racist but yet she doesn’t want her two daughter’s too marry their boyfriends because they are black. How she can say she is not racist I don’t know.

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