Read Kingsblood Royal by Sinclair Lewis

Marsha Surkin,
White Bear Lake, MN.

I am a white woman, 72 yrs old. When I was 11 I disobeyed my mom and read Kingsblood Royal. This was the first time I was aware of racial diveristy. In the book a man finds out he has a black grandfather and is run out of town. I have never forgotten how upset I was! Fast forward, 30 years ago, after attending an integrated college in WVA and working with many racial goups at Honeywell, I met and married a black man. We have lived in several states, have had few issues based on racial diffeences, and our families love us both. (His mom was the last to come around.) OK, I admit I am only aware of my skin color when I am in church in south Alabama. We do get some peculiar looks down there in Walmart.
Thank you for your participation in the program Monday night at the Guthrie.”


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