Red hair gets the most stares.

Stefanie Walker,
Sacramento, CA.

Sometimes I just want to dye my hair and see what it would be like to blend into the crowd-to not be defined by my red hair color anymore-to not be a “red head”. Red heads are the biggest minority of all in my opinion, how many do you actually know? (People like to tell me “my kind” are going extinct.) I can’t even count how many times I’ve been asked derogatory and demeaning things like, “Does the carpet match the drapes?” or “Do you have a soul, ginger?” Calling me “Red” for a nickname is like me calling you “Brown”-it’s not okay! It’s really annoying when you ask me if I’m Irish.. or when you point out how white my skin is-I’m pretty sure I’m well aware, but thank you yet again. I wish people would treat me like any other person and not single me out just because I have red hair. And NO that other girl with red hair isn’t my sister!!


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