Red head mother angry unbroken strong

376884_10152800756400526_1354196206_nErica Stone,
Perrysburg, OH.

The process I went through to get these words where things that I’m going through right now in my life or what people notice about me first. Some of the words I thought of came naturally while others I had to put more thought into them.

The reason I decided to put these words is because I am a red head so that was my first choice because it’s usually what people see about me first, I am a mother of a 6 year old so this is very relevant to who I am, I get angry a lot with what has and is happening to me in my life everyday, I chose unbroken because no matter how much has happened in my life I am unbroken, and finally I chose strong because no matter what I go through I remain strong and will always be strong for myself and my child.


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