Remember Me As A Peaceful Earthling

Dominic Hafis Cox,
Dania, FL

My thoughts on racial prejudice are that this state of mind present in humans must change someday, as all things do inevitably and human consciousness will evolve or else we will destroy ourselves. Common interests ultimately form bonds between people, not race. That is what I’ve learned through the years observing myself and many others while living and working in different places, but you have to seek out people who have transcended this notion that we are so different because of our outward appearance. That is the illusion when actually we are far more similar than different.
We each have to want to live in harmony more than we want to seek conflict and division amongst ourselves regardless of our personal justification for it. For those of you that stand for peace, love & harmony, let that be reflected in how you treat everyone. Use your life to set an example of how to treat people that is the only way to change things, through one person’s acts of love & respect for others at a time. Love is the only path to equality, unity, and peace. And yes that includes love for those who have yet to learn that in truth humanity is the only race of people that matters. We can ill afford to fear, hate or oppress our own kind in the vastness of the great Cosmos that our tiny planet precariously floats in. Your skin color, religion, politics, finances that may differ from another are insignificant in the face of the real truth, that our planet home can and will be whatever we make of it. It is the responsibility of every one of us to make it a place that we want to call home.

See Carl Sagan’s ‘Pale Blue Dot’ for some perspective on this.


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