Remember! Turn your cooking fan ON

Joanna Chan,
Superior, CO

I heard this when my husband and I were living in Indiana. We studied at Bloomington, and I got a job offer in Indianapolis after graduation so we moved there. We rented a low-end apartment that we could afford at the time.
On the first Halloween we lived in that apartment, some kids threw raw eggs at our balcony window. The next morning, we went to the rental office and reported the incident. The clerk reluctantly took down the information, but since we did not see the faces of the kids, she said that there was not much they could do.
Well, we thanked her and were about to walk out of the office. She then said: “We received some complaints about the smell of YOUR food… Remember! Turn your cooking fan ON when you cook.”
We left her office without dignifying the comment, and we moved out once the lease was up.


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