What is replacing racism is scary.

Huntsville, AL

There are genuinely good people that would discourage racism towards minorities any day, but who unfortunately are extremely ignorant, so their perception of other races are still innacurate and stereotypical. For example, a friend of mine–Black–started working at a law firm. He and his White co-workers were talking about politics one day, and one of the guys turned first to my friend to say, “No offense,” then continued with, “but there is a large percentage of people on welfare who are lazy and not looking to advance themselves.” The fact that he naturally felt the need to say “no offense” to the Black person in the room because of subject was “people on welfare” is ignorant. The majority of the people on welfare to begin with are White Americans!!! But he, an otherwise good & racially-accepting person, held the stereotypical, ignorant, and condescending belief that the welfare community is essentially Black people. This new form of racism, or whatever one wants to term it, is scary because people who think like this have no idea nor perception of their racism & ignorance, so they don’t change it.
Another thing I’ve heard some White Americans who were concerned & non-prejudice wonder why Black people are so angry still about slavely when they themselves weren’t enslaved. For some reason, this is a concept that is not understandable by some White Americans and for some of other minority groups. 1) You tell stories of how your great-great grandparents started their lives here & purchased your land, but my great-great grandparents were beaten, and controlled, and disregarded as truly human. 2) My ancestors and the ancestors of most other African Americans did not participate in American education, economics (for their own gain), or government until as recently as 50 years ago, as a result of slavery and segregation (yet we’re expected to be “caught up”). 3) The prejudice and hate that existed for, because, and during slavery still exists today; our anger isn’t old and stale, it is envoked and recharged.

Education is necessary. Learn about the person you think you’re okay with.


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