Sad truth: racism is still alive

Roma, TX.

I grew up in a little town in Mexico, near the border with the US, there was not as much cultural or racial differences as bigger cities have. I know that racism exists in Mexico, because I have read articles where they explain how Mexican people discriminate people who they consider Indians, just because they come from the Mexican thrives, or I have also read articles about discrimination against gay people.
While in High School we learned the horrors committed by the Nazis against Jews, homosexuals and other minorities. When I came to the US, I learned about slavery and I thought to myself that the world learned from those mistakes and that racism had ended, but I was wrong. Sadly, I realize that racism is still alive and people cannot tolerate nor accept different persons. The two examples that I have heard recently are all people who is against same-sex marriage, why they cannot accept that homosexuality is part of our world and everyone have the same rights? It is unacceptable that people use the Bible and God to judge other people. On the other hand, recent attacks against Latino Immigrants made by Mr. Donald Trump are a sad example the racism that is alive in the US, why he is trying to spread hate against hispanics? This is just the beginning, he has a lot of followers and this could end up in a big tragedy.
It is sad that with all human advances in technology, medicine and many fields, humans cannot advance in their own minds and we repeat the same mistakes over and over.


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