I saw a group of “undesirables.”

Cheverly, MD.

This is what my white neighbor called a group of African American young men who were congregating outside of the a local grocery store. Apparently, one of them was showing off his new baby. I wondered if that will be how my sons will be described years from now. Will they be undesirable to American society?

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  1. barry irving says:

    ..Al Sharpton is an advocate…the leading one in America. He has a decades old organization “THE NATIONAL ACTION NETWORK”. They have a big convention in NYC every year and even fools like you are invited to see REAL CIVIL RIGHTS ADVOCACY IN ACTION from the root.

    …To compare Mr Sharpton with Duke is erroneous and absurd. Duke only advocates for White Supremacy and White Privilege.

    …You put the chicken before the egg. How about, we make American a title that is deserving of heading up our heritage rather than tarnishing it with inequality?…How ABOUT DOING THAT FIRST?

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