Is the scrutinizing of ideas racist?

Joey Klein,
Lakeland, FL.

Why is it that if one disagrees with the claims of a feminist, or an SJW, that the one disagreeing is sexist, or racist? The claim that women make less money than men in the US because of systemic patriarchy can be used as an example. I’m not entirely bought into that claim. Does that make me sexist? Not necessarily. After the research I’ve done, I actually think that the issue is a pay gap, not a wage gap. As a collective unit, women do make less money than men in the US. But does that mean the system is based upon sexism? That depends upon the reason for women making less money. Also through the research, I’ve done, I think that the reason women, as a collective, make less money is not because they’re being paid less, but because fewer of them are working in certain jobs, such as stem fields. But why are fewer women working those jobs?

Is it because their applications are being rejected due to systemic sexism? Or is because they’re merely deciding either not to work those jobs, or not to work at all, so that they could take care of other things? For me, I think the latter question is the answer. Does my rejection of the first claim make me sexist? If you read my reasons for rejecting the claim, no, it doesn’t. But what about racism? For that, let’s look at the claim that police brutality on blacks in the US has gotten worse due to systemic racism. I reject that claim. Does that make me racist? Like the last claim, the answer is: not necessarily. See, again through research, I’ve done, I think that police brutality on blacks in America, as horrid as it is regardless, hasn’t gotten worse. Rather, I think that it’s just a few bad cops painting a bad picture for the rest of the force due to either their mistakes or their individual prejudices. In actuality, most blacks in the US suffer most of their deaths from other black people. At least according to most of the statistics I’ve seen and/or heard of. So does my rejection of the police brutality vs. black America claim make me racist? If you look at my reasons, no. But quite a few feminists & SJWs would, and will, label me as racist & sexist regardless of my reasoning. But why? Well, based on everything I’ve seen, I can only assume that it’s because instead of discussing their ideas with an open mind, they’d rather do their best to censor me by labeling me racist & sexist. That way they can discredit me & avoid my criticism. So I’d like to apologize to anyone if I’ve invaded your safe-space. I know how much those mean to you… (Note: This is the second time I’m submitting this exact memoir due to not being able to find it once I submitted it the first time. If how submitting a memoir could be explained better, that would be appreciated.)


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