See my humanity first, race second.

Sylvia Stancil,
Wayne State,

While I will concede that these mere six words may represent an oversimplification to addressing extremely complex issues, recognizing the humanity first in anyone is a good foundation upon which to build open and honest dialogue. There is a thread of commonality that should serve to bind us provided one recognizes the importance of each thread to the tapestry of humankind. Having traveled to six continents and meeting people from various cultures has underscored for me that we are by far more alike than we are different. Driven most likely by self-interest and fear, orchestrators of hate and ignorance continue to sow the seeds of divisiveness. In doing so, where bridges of understanding may exist, they are damaged and/or destroyed. It is up to all of us to continue to build stronger bridges that can withstand the oppressive weight of racism.


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